What is the best way to save to a file using a MFC Dialog based program? I need it to output mutipule data type (CString, int) to a file. I also need it to read the data from the file to update the controls (i.e. an options dialog). I've tried using ifstream, and ostream, but to no avail. I can output the int fine, but the CString is another story. If the CString is a control ( or was a control) then the output looks weird (I get 7 numbers followed by one letter, I think it's OCT?). And I can't get it to read properly from the file. How do I do this? Should I be using something else to save?


You can check out CFile, if you want to stick with the MFC stuff and not mess with STL or the C file input/output functions. For CFile:


As for how to write a string to a file using STL, you should be using the GetBuffer() and GetLength() methods of CString and then writing to the file as a character array, you shouldn't be using the << and >> operators, those do something slightly different for CString objects than they do for regular stl string objects.