As my projects grow larger I'm beginning to appreciate more robust code with higher re-usability. Also easy to use error handling can make coding for errors much less repetitive. Is there a good online set of articles anyone could recommend?

When your code grows larger, one book becomes essential: C++ Coding Standards, by Sutter and Alexandrescu. And probably reading through a few of the GotW website is also a good idea.

The Boost guidelines are also very good. And this article too.

Other than that, I have rarely seen any real good resources (online or not) that comprehensively treat the subject of error-handling (I think many traditional C++ programmers still have trouble committing too much to exception mechanisms and still rely on C-style error-codes for a lot of things, if not all).

But one thing is clear though, from all those who know what they are talking about, the best error-handling method is throwing and catching exceptions, no doubts about that. So, the starting point is understanding exceptions and learning how to use them effectively. Read the C++FAQ on exceptions, as a starter.

A few useful things:
ScopeGuards, Pragmatism, RAII, Copy-and-swap, Non-throwing swap.

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