I'm having a hard time looking for a tutorial over the net on how to store sound files to access database. I'm planning to make a playlist on my application where in the user will just select the filename on a listbox and will click the play button. is this possible? it is okay if you can give me links on how to do this?.

use blob. save into binary file.
see this link
why you not save the path and play it?
its much easier.

I'm trying to Play a Playlist containing 61 audios of foreign language. The idea is the user will select the name on the listbox and press play button.

the options on the listbox will contain the audio on the database. I tried using the path and indeed it's much easier but it only played one audio.

thank you for your reply. I'll check the link :)

Can you give me a sample program for it? I'm having a hard time coding i'm a noob in vb.net saving and retrieving audio files from database?.

Can i set the path of the playlist I made using WMA. it has the extension of WPL which is Windows Media Playlist. I Tried to locate the path on the URL but it doesn't play on my application. please help me for this.

I hope you are storing the path of the file.

It is absolute path or relative path ?

What happens when you select the file name and try to open / play ?