We have no idea how to start our project regarding Minimum Spanning Tree (Kruskal) we have to implement it on java, i would like to ask what are the useful functions for MST under jgrapht or jgraph? thank you.

probably Authors WEB + Authors Docs + Authors Examples

It's really hard to understand from the references, i just wanted to know if any of you guys have used this library?

yes that maybe the easiest way I agreed, but google works on this site too

be sure that this Java project has own Site Forum (limited for Members only), are you had some problems to reads endless docs and specifications

anything about that is talking about Space Constant, because this one is most completed project, isn't it

We're done with the graph thanks. the only problem we have now is to generate kruskal's algorithm (mst), or do you know any site about animations (gui) that could help us.