After dat RFID TAG detection program, now i want to move 1 step further.

Like if TAG is Detected as 012234F13A

Now weneva dis code is detected, it must fetch a name from Database

For example, m designing a Library system From RFID

There must be two fields, 1. ISSUE 2.RETURN

I click on ISSUE and allows d TAG to reader

012234F13A--- > it must show name as in FIELD of NAME- ASHISH VYAS

Next book Tag,
01225454F1A---> C C++ by Rated guy (dis is book tag)

so dis book is issued and get logged in DATABASE!!

similarly 4 Return unit also i want d same..

Till now i have designed dis check

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SP7V7SGF (m unable to Attach here)

and serial port reader script is attached, kindly open it and let me know :)

username n password is (admin admin)

thanx and regards

I'll try and paste the solution here tomorrow, I'm going home now.:) Thanks for opening a new thread and marking the previous.

ohk bro...waiting from ur reply :)

thanx i hope i wll get opportunity again to mark dis as Solved :) :) :)

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