Most web browsers print the web site's title in the form text. So I want to do the same thing on navigation if possible.

// Only prints the URL. So please help.
string siteName = webBrowser.Url.Host;
this.Text = siteName;

Much thanks!

It's in the header section of the page, something like

<title>SQL Server 2008 Connection String Samples -</title>

Having only played with the webbrowser control, I'm not sure how you'd get that. Ah, there it is, in the HtmlDocument.Title property (which you get through the WebBrowser.Document property). So something like

this.Text = webbrowser1.Document.Title;

Thank you, just goes to show how much more exploring I have to do. :D

As of the .NET 3.5 framework there were:
98 Assemblies
309 Namespaces
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We all have exploring to do.