dear all Friends i need to make one application so plz help me quickly as possible and i am very Thankfull if direct give me code or project file because i am no more knowledge of vb6

i have one application have one exe and many other files like graphics , some other supports files ..etc , and From time to time i want to change some files from it and add new some files so i need one application and check my current version from txt file and compare with htttp:// if new version are available on website txt file then application auto download (exe or zip) and install or Extract in my application folder i give example for batter understanding

if in my computer application have version.txt flies have list like

and in my server have version.txt file like

so in there application download 1553.0.5.exe or any compitible with you for making my project and install or extract in my folder , and lastly after install and extract automatic add new version code on my computer version.txt file list

Thank you all forum Friends in advance for help in my project and very Thankfull to all member who help me

..... direct give me code or project file .....

Don't ever expect that here.

You need to show some effort to get help from our experts.

so which Type of help you give me

commented: must know how to behave -2

if you can Provide me code then why i need to post here if i know code i make my self so if you give me code its better if you reply with this nonsense world only then ty for help it bettter to so with profestion staff forum so like only write bla bla bla bla bla bla only

1. Learn how to behave in a public forum like this.
2. Learn English before that, at least standard 3 level.
3. Learn to respect those who volunteer to help you.

With this attitude no one will help, does not matter which ever forum you join.

ok sry i am angry at that time .

at that time i am already Done 70% Scrip my self but now only problem is my application successfully downland zip on my C:\\temp folder But Now i cant Extract in my app.path folder i cant understand how can i do that ???