Hi guys, hope you can help.
I'm creating a mixture of an employee scheduling system with elements of a Human Resource Management System for small to medium businesses.
I ideally want to create a java application with a database backend, which I'm trying to see if I can apply sql server. I recently got sql server working in my java EE tutorial, but thats an applet and not an application.

I'm almost finished with my research, just finishing off some questionaires. But I really need to finish my decide on which languages I'm going to use.
Can I get peoples opinion on how they would approach this, just to give me a direction on my next step.

My research shows browser based management system isn't popular in small businesses and they really only require applications but with an sole database.

I was hoping to mix Java and SQL server, but if this is a bad idea, I need to know now and not wait for someone to say 'I thought you could have found that out in your research' as there is alot languages and databases with lots of info on both but too little of time to read such an amount of information.

Hope you can help.

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I think Java is a good solution on combining a program and SQL. There is a large SQL library, that is very usable for SQL queries.

I would definately not say that this is a bad idea, the question would me more like 'Can I make a usable GUI, with SQL support?'.

I would definitely say go ahead. I did a similar project in a CS course a couple of years ago, combining Java and MySQL. There are a number of different libraries for Java when it comes to MySQL, but if you want to keep it simple and not mix in ORM's and things like that it's as easy as downloading the MySQL driver from the MySQL homepage and start coding.

Good Luck!

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