Hello, for a project on network simulation I need to show graphical representation of the graph.Which library files can I use for the purpose?Should i switch to OpenGL.I know nothing about graphics in C++ right now.Please help.

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You have a long way to go... There a a number of graphical tools and API's available, many of which can run on most operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix, Apple, etc). OpenGL is quite low-level and requires a great deal of detailed knowledge of the windowing environment (different on each platform) and of other technical issues. You will probable be better served with a more generic tool set, such as wx or Qt, to solve your display issues. If you are new to C++, Qt is probably the better choice for you.


If you are just interested in visualising a graph, why not use graphviz? It's a library dedicated to that very purpose. It will probably be easier to just shoot your graph structure into the graphviz functions and get some image files out, instead of using a full GUI tool.

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