Hi to all, just a small question?
This is typed in the book.
hInstance is used for things like loading resources and any other task which is performed on a per-module basis.
What is pre-module basis.
Google won't help.

>>What is pre-module basis
The HINSTANCE is used to identify a specific process (program that is running). Program A will have a different value of HINSTANCE than program B. Or that's the way its supposed to work.

What is the relationship betwen HINSTANCE and pre-module basis?I do't get it.

Every MS-Windows program (per-module bases) has an HINSTANCE value. Its like a numerical ID that the operating system uses to keep track of the processes (programs) that are running. That's all it means. If you are playing two different games on your MS-Windows computer each instance of each game will have its own unique HINSTANCE value.

Thank you.