I am using Mailinator.com and I need to click on a subject called "COMPUTER BILD SPIELE-Aktion: Avatar-Hubs".

Basically I just get the part of the link and input it into my web browser called webBrowser1 and retrieve the text...

The html looks like this:

<table id="inboxList">
            <th width="180">From:</th>

        <tr><td bgcolor="#EEEEFF"><b>cbspiele@computerbild.de</b></td><td bgcolor="#EEEEFF" align="center"><a href="/displayemail.jsp?email=hi910&amp;msgid=3361464">COMPUTER BILD SPIELE-Aktion: Avatar-Hubs</a></td></tr>

            <td align="right">



I tried this but no luck...

void ClickButton(string attName)
            HtmlElementCollection col = webBrowser2.Document.GetElementsByTagName("input");
            foreach (HtmlElement element in col)
                if (element.GetAttribute("value") == attName)

            ClickButton("COMPUTER BILD SPIELE-Aktion: Avatar-Hubs");