hi there a have project assingment with a friend about writing a debugger in C code and using in hippy program. the main problem is i can't understand the project. are we going to write in C language or motorola 6800 language OR if we use C language how can i use this debugger in HIPPY. i am going to explain what i understand so you can help me more cleary. first in C i guess i must take a filename from a user and opened it in Read Mode. after that i will read all the lines character by character with "c=fgetc(filepointer)". for example if the code is;

<br>ADDA #2H

i will display the current numbers in accumulator A,B and the condition code register to the screen. but i think it is not sipmle like that. on the other hand, our lecturer doesn't give enough information about this project. i uploaded the project. if anyone can help me about understanding this assingmet i will be appreciate : )

ok mates i solved the problem. : )