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You, refer to this coding. which is written in VB.net for database backup

Dim bkpDBFull As New Backup()
' Specify whether you want to back up database or files or log 

bkpDBFull.Action = BackupActionType.Database
' Specify the name of the database to back up 

bkpDBFull.Database = myDatabase.Name
' You can take backup on several media type (disk or tape), here I am
' * using File type and storing backup on the file system 

bkpDBFull.Devices.AddDevice("D:\AdventureWorksFull.bak", DeviceType.File)
bkpDBFull.BackupSetName = "Adventureworks database Backup"
bkpDBFull.BackupSetDescription = "Adventureworks database - Full Backup"
' You can specify the expiration date for your backup data
' * after that date backup data would not be relevant 

bkpDBFull.ExpirationDate = DateTime.Today.AddDays(10)

' You can specify Initialize = false (default) to create a new 
' * backup set which will be appended as last backup set on the media. You
' * can specify Initialize = true to make the backup as first set on the
' * medium and to overwrite any other existing backup sets if the all the
' * backup sets have expired and specified backup set name matches with
' * the name on the medium 

bkpDBFull.Initialize = False

' Wiring up events for progress monitoring 

bkpDBFull.PercentComplete += CompletionStatusInPercent
bkpDBFull.Complete += Backup_Completed

' SqlBackup method starts to take back up
' * You can also use SqlBackupAsync method to perform the backup 
' * operation asynchronously 


and the code for some methods used in the above coding is

Private Shared Sub CompletionStatusInPercent(sender As Object, args As PercentCompleteEventArgs)
	Console.WriteLine("Percent completed: {0}%.", args.Percent)
End Sub
Private Shared Sub Backup_Completed(sender As Object, args As ServerMessageEventArgs)
	Console.WriteLine("Hurray...Backup completed.")
End Sub
Private Shared Sub Restore_Completed(sender As Object, args As ServerMessageEventArgs)
	Console.WriteLine("Hurray...Restore completed.")
End Sub
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