hi. i'm doing a search option in my system where if your searching for a entry even if you didnt typed the whole word, all of the entry that contains the letters that you have typed will appear, well i really cant explain it but it goes like this if i have entries: reserve,reservoir,restaurant,jaded,mend,feed in my database and the searcher typed "res" all the word containing res will appear. i know it has something to do with the like parameter but i just cant do the code right. please help me..

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Hi, please check here how to use Like condition. Its all well explained.

hi. thanks for the link. i have read the explanation but my code still wont work. i have a access database connected to vb.net.i have this:

dim str as string = "boo"

SELECT * FROM table WHERE title LIKE '%" & str & "%'

but still, it wont list all the entries having "boo"

i hope you could help me. thanks

hi.thank God i have figured out why it isn't working. HAHA! thanks Mitja Bonca that link was useful :)

You are welcome.
Iam glad you worked it out.

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