i have combobox in which membership_desc=gold,silver,platinum is displayed
and have textbox in which i want that fees displayed automatically in it


da.selectcommand=neew sqlcommand("select membership fees from membership_details where membership_desc='"+combobox1.selectedvalue+"'",cs);

as i do binding of text box it show ERROR that binding is done in two contexts
so how i will show the data in text box.....
......thanks in advance....

Post your actual code, not something you think is your code. Use [code] [/code] around the code to properly format it. Indicate any lines that give you an error and what the error message actually is (again, don't paraphrase, cut/paste the error message).

firstly i hope you need to fill the dataset. if you have done that..
then i guess this should work..

textbox.text = ds.tables[].rows[][].toString();

tables[]- signifies with which table the dataset has been filled.. integer value, take 0 if single table is used.
rows[][] 1st bracket is for row, 2 nd for Column number..in that table.

I wonder how you have figured it out ashish99virgo? Momerath is right niketakapoor give you logic so that any one will be able to figure out where your code goes wrong :)

@abelLazm..sir its anish99virgo
i only made a guess, because i had had build a project which required to fill the comboxbox with info from dbase, & display a particular info/entry into textbox..

if you can give a try to this, i will be obliged..

i had given whole of the code that i have written in my application..

thats ok firstly I am not sir ... secondly i just asked a question about the thread started by niketakapoor.... i didn't asked how you were able to make such a code or application i asked how you understood what was the problem niketakapoor is facing ... hope you understand me now :)