So the first part of this program is to pull int data from a .txt file and put them into an array and then output then on the screen, but it seems that the code I have will only display very odd numbers (i.e. -808459), I do not know where this is coming from.

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>

using namespace std;

int main ()
	int Array1[10];
	int index;

	ifstream FileIn;
	ofstream FileOut; ("E:\\fileinput.txt");

	for (index = 0; index < 10; index++ ){
		FileIn >> Array1 [index];
		cout << Array1 [index] << " ";

return 0;

All signs point to a bad input stream. You should test that it in fact opens correctly and that it's "good".

You should also make sure that it's actually reading things in. Quick way to do this is to initialize your array to some nonsense value like -999999999. Stick this after line 9.

for(index = 0; index < 10; index++)
    Array1[index] = -999999999;

If you get a display of -999999999 anywhere, you'll know that nothing was ever read from the file.

Also check to make sure that Windows uses / instead of \ as a separator. I can never remember.