when I try to run a java program on my mac or linux box with the
java -version:1.6+ -jar jdesigner.jar
it tells me there is no jre found meeting the requirements even though when I type

java -version

it tells me the version is 1.6.0_20 or some such. I have tried the exact string as well, no luck.


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What OS are you running on the Mac? 10.5 has real problems with Java 6. If you're running under 10.6, I'll be able to tell you more about that in a few days - I just upgraded yesterday. :)

Shouldn't be a problem under Linux, though. Which distro?

ubuntu 10.10

I am running OSX 10.5. I don't have a problem with the 1.6 installation (though I do recall it being a pain to get it installed) but I want to be able to require something. I figured out how to do it on the mac with the jar bundler at least so that part is taken care of.

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