Hi, I've got an array where you enter values into it but I want the values you enter to be a separate colour from the values initially in the array. I tried simply using set colour when you enter the value but I've coded it so that after every user input it re prints the array, so the entire array gets re coloured. Any help?

HI, post some code to show exactly what you wanna to do.

The code is not really needed though, its just a basic array that I set up at the start of the code, and once the user has input a value into a co-ordinate then the function that prints out the array is called. Its in a for loop so after every input it will update the board. The problem is that when it updates the board, it re prints every value in the array, so every value must have the same colour.

why you just store the values in a vector, so when you print the values, you can do a sequence of colors and call the positions of the vector.

Hmm, I've not used vectors before so I'll need to look that up, thanks.