Is it possible to make a timer that counts down to a cerrtin day and time also is it possible to make it display some where but not in the way

to make it display some where but not in the way

what does this mean ????
where do you want it to be displayed ??

if I were coding ... I would have put it in the startup and check for date and time ( Calendar class) everysecond or so ... and then set it visible on the specified time.

Hey OurNation,

Yes it is possible.

The straightforward way to find the difference in time is to simply use Date().getTime() for time in milliseconds. Just subtract the current date in millisecs from the future date in millisecs. It may also possible to use Calendar.add() to find the difference in time.

I have two suggestions for keeping the information out of the way of your workspace.

Approach #1)
You could make a program that updates the frame title with the message (i.e. 2 days left). This app doesn't have to have a visible frame, or the app could start minimized. This is probably the easiest out-of-the-way approach for a countdown timer.

Approach #2)
Use a trayicon to display the information. This requires some os shell programming, but luckily there are many people who have already written code to do this. (

Hope this helps!