Hi there,

I'd firstly like to thank some of the daniweb members for helping me with my Hangman project. It's finally complete and I have uploaded it on my YouTube. Special thanks to ddanbe, Xcelled194, Mitja Bonca and Momerath.

Right, on to my next project. I'm making a Naughts and Crosses game, multiplayer. I've implemented all the logic, works fine but now I want to add a score system. I can make the game such that for every win, the winning player will get 1 or x amount of points. Now what I need to do is to store the points a long with the player's name in to a file so that when I load up the game, the highest score will be displayed on the main menu.

Like for example when you play games on your mobile phone, you have a highest score on the main screen. So I'd need save the scores to a txt file and then read from that txt file once the game begins. Also, an overwrite functionality would need to be instantiated as the points would need to be updated.

Any tips/ideas?

Hi Usmaan! Thanks, we are here to help, if we can :)
Personally, I would not store a high score etc. in a text file, but rather in a resource of the game. In that way they can never get separated.

Ahah, okay. Erm, how would I do that?