hi to all,
i want to know how to compiler tsr programme using the borlandc v3.1 compiler anyone know plz guide me what is the command to compile and moreover what are the runtime directories that are we set for tsr programe or generating for .com file
i will be very thankful if anyone solve me problem.

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Just to be clear, you're actually using MS-DOS as an operating system, right? Not some flavor of Windows?


Here are a few google links that can probably help you. If your computer is running MS-DOS Version 6.3 or earlier then TSRs should be ok. It's not likely they will run under either Vista or Windows 7 command prompts.


im using window xp actually i have problem at compile time when i give command
C:\BORLANDC\BIN>bcc -eno.com-ic:\borlandc\include-lc:\borlandc\lib no.c
but instead of compiling it give me error
Fatal: Unable to open file 'no.com-ic:\borlandc\include-lc:\borlandc\lib.exe'
so i cannot understand how to remove or solve it
can you tell me for tcr programe the compiler need any setting of we have to just give command on dos if setting necassary then plz tell me the setting
because i search a lot but cannot find solution impatientally waiting for reply


im using window xp actually

I'm totally not surprised. TSRs died along with DOS. In Windows there are much better solutions, such as a Windows service. You really need to get with the times, both in choice of tools (Turbo C is ancient) and methods.


If your writing a program for windows XP, not DOS, then your target executable should really be a .EXE not a .COM

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