Hi All,
I am implementing simple SHELL similar to bash having functionality that support some BUILT-IN commands like cd, kill, bg, fg, job, wait.
It should also support piping and job control.

please Guide me how to start this.


If you're an advanced CS student asking this question, find another final project.
You're going to have trouble.

Otherwise, consider looking at what other people have done before. First off, you should have read at least one advanced Unix programming book - like Richard Steven's book. I know you haven't read Marc Rochkind's 'Advanced Unix Programming' because he develops a shell in Chapter 6.

The example code for his shell is here:

Look for "real shell" ... c6/sh3.c Note: if your prof has any ability at all he will spot a a plagiarized copy of this code, so you need to work up all new code.

Something like BusyBox perhaps?

Oh, and *please* come up witha better title next time.

Thanks Jim,
I know that i will be facing trouble but i had to do it any how. I had gone through Unix Advance programming by Richards Stevens.

once again thanks for providing me LINK .


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