I am finding that vs2010 seems to have problems playing videos.
I will be very grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction.

I can play avi etc on Windows Media Player ok.
But I need to play mov files in my app.
I have tried quicktime, but cannot drag the tool to my form without getting an error message about the activex not being registered, although it is.

I have tried axvlcplugin2, this goes to the form ok, but when I try to run with it the code in the designer causes an error.


The line above which was generated by the designer causes an error, because it's generated by the system I don't think I can use it in a try statement.

Prior to 2010 video ran ok, now even the directx.audiovideoplayback doesn't work.

Thanks I will,
However I have found that older articles don't help much because prior to 2010, video was easy, but 2010 release of vce seems to have made it very difficult, as most of the tried and true ways don't work anymore eg. quicktime, ms directxaudiovideo etc

I am trying to show a mov video using quicktime dll.
I have made a bit of progress, but still have a problem.
Vce won't allow me to drag the control on the form.
So I figure I should be able to provide a reference and use the control to show the video. What I find when I run the code is that the url property loads the file path ok, but the control stays set at null.
This triggers a nullReferenceexception.
I can't figure why it stays null, when I am creating a new instance in the code.

using QTOControlLib;

QTOControlLib.QTControl qt = new QTControl();
qt.URL = @"H:\ImportAll\102_0055.MOV";
qt.MovieControllerVisible = true;