I'm in serious need of help getting a sound driver installed on my mother-in-law's computer! I had to reinstall Windows XP and after I did, the sound did not work. I have downloaded Intel Chipset Device Software and installed it and it says "Setup is complete." Then nothing happens and I can't find the software anywhere on the computer. I have rebooted the computer a couple of times and still no audio device. I need the Intel Chipset 910/915 family but when I try to find the driver to download I either hit deadends or somebody wants to sell me software. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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It would help if you told us what computer it is!

It's an HP 540J.

Oh sorry I got the kind wrong. It's a HP Pavilion a820n.

I downloaded the driver and tried to install it and it would go so far and then it would say "can't match hd audio inf file" and then another box would pop up and say "driver set up failure."

Go to add/remove programs and uninstall the intel audio driver if it is there then try the proper driver again.

Why did you re-install Windows and how did you do it?
Did you reformat?

You should have had a HP Recovery disc and it would have installed all system with the correct drivers.

Do as RIK says, and re-download the Driver, just incase it corrupted while you downloaded.

WE HAVE SOUND! Thank you SO much! RIK that did the trick to remove the Intel and reinstall the proper one. Thank you all for your input! You guys are the best!

You might also want to get chipset and graphics drivers from the HP site, that should make the PC quicker!

Driver are main parts of computer. as it used to connect. Download Intel Driver for your system , It is best and safe to use. It is easy to install and update in comparison to other driver available online.

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