i want to develop hotel management project which is basically dekstop appliation
so my problem is that should i do that project in .net or java
can u explain which platform is good for this project
and also
is there any diffrence oflook and feel between java project and .net project

.net and Java have very similar capabilities. The important difference is that .net is very much tied into Windows and gives a "perfect" Windows look and feel, but doesn't run on Linux (other than thru cludges with Wine) or Mac. Java apps are portable across all desktop platforms, but always look very slightly different from the native platforms look and feel.
In general, .net is better for Windows-only projects, Java is better for projects that may need to run on different platforms.

if required export(s) to MsOffice (Word, Excell with formulas) then only Net is result, otherwise I don't see any differencies

java and .net have lot of custom L&F

java required JRE instalations

You can export to MS Office from Java, no problem :)

thanks, well POI exist there long time and with OpenOffice works that as chaims, but (depends of requierments) if I'd chose Net or Java in this case, then Net, well Java is costFree

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