I want to upgrade a program written in Visual Basic 5 on a number of clients machines. I had no difficulty creating the distribution disk from instructions in the programmers manual, but I can't see any reference to creating an upgrade disk. I can write a dos batch file to copy the upgraded files but I need to open two excel sheets, which are part of the application, save them and close them to complete the upgrade. While this is easy to do manually I want to automate it and preferably from a visual basic program without having to use the dos batch file. Hope someone out there can help.


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So spawn the upgrade exe from the dos batch file...

Good Luck

Hi Vb5prgmr,

Thanks for replying to my question.

Was "So spawn the upgrade exe from the dos batch file..." your complete answer or do I have to do something to see a more detailed answer? If that was the complete answer I'm afraid I don't understand what it means.

Kind Regards


Okay, you want to upgrade a program and you know how to do it from a dos batch file but you don't want to use the dos batch file because it can only do so much... So then create an upgrade program that can do what you want with those excel workbooks/sheets. Now, however you do it, strait program, new install, dos batch + program... your goal is to update a bunch of files on the end users computer and you want to do it as painlessly as possible for them right? So, a dos batch file can do some of the work for you, i.e. replacing those files that it can, and it can launch(shell, spawn, shellexecute...) your upgrade program that can manipulate those excel files for you. Furthermore, the dos batch file can also do your cleanup for you if you need it to...

Good Luck

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