I was wandering if someone could give me some idea of how i would design my application in regards to what to put in the exe and what to put into the dll.
At the moment the exe is just getting bigger, and I have never built such as large application so I am not to sure as to what to put in a dll file and what to leave in the exe??
Would I leave the gui design in the exe and leave the logic in a dll or put them both in a dll and call it in the exe. Or is that even the right idea??
As you can see im a bit lost in the application in regards to what to put in which folder...not worried about class and such just how to layout the project in regards to dlls and the exe etc,
The project pretty much consist of the GUI,
the logic, database interfaces etc,
its a C# WPF application.
Any help or pointers would be great, Thanks.

Hey, thanks man that helped alot...however I am just trying to get to grips with code in the example is it possible for someone to walk me through adding a button that onclick opens a new window just (a blank one), I mean just the lines of code that you would add to make that happen, I am trying to work out the whole delegates event things and I am not seemingly able to get my head around what going on,
Thanks Any help or pointers would be appreciated :)