I'm trying to get some information on the live XBOX stat's feed. Like recent games, gamer score, rating, and gamer picture. I want it to update continuously (like if you were on Microsoft's website viewing someone's XBOX Live profile, or on the XBOX itself looking at their live stats) and then output it visually to the user.

Start by initialize a startup with 4 x 32 bits variables without cache ! you'll get know what is a switch...

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Well I can't exactly show you but I've figured most of the easy stuff out already. There are links to images all over the xbox site that I can snag for the images in the gamer card. (Avatar, Latest Games, and so on...) That part is easy. The hard part however is grabbing the live stats. Gamerscore, Microsoft Points, (in terms of a war game for example like gears of war, if I wanted to grab my kills, deaths, and rank) that kind of stuff is what I need help with. I don't even know where to begin.

As for my signature, the switch structure in there is just random, there's not really anything to it. I literally just typed random things in there. (You can only have so many lines.)

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