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Yes you can. When the install screen appear, install it as administrator only. (Right click, select 'Run As Administrator') As soon as the installation is finished, upgrade to the newest service pack and all should be fine. The biggest culprit in developing an application in Vista is to use the "SendMessage" api's in your application (code), they will not run...

Good luck.

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Thank you Andre

SendMessage AND SendKeys as in -

Dim Tmp
       Tmp = SendMessage(Combo1.hWnd, CB_SHOWDROPDOWN, 1, ByVal 0&)
If KeyAscii = 13 Then
    SendKeys "{tab}"
End If

I've got no problems with SendMessage on my Vista Home machine. In fact, it is working right now to slap down script error messages from the web browser control in another application...


Again I am sleeping vb5, only on Sendkeys, which took me a while to figure out. I am currently using

Dim WshShell As Object

Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

If Not IsNumeric(txtSickLeavePerMonth.Text) Then
    WshShell.SendKeys "{BackSpace}"
End If

If I remember correctly I had a problem with SendMessage was was a fault in my code, corrected that and it is working fine since then.

For anyone else following this, the link below covers most of the common problems on running on Vista and Win7 -


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