I am in a huge need of having a simple mastermind game made in groovy.
I will be very thankful for any help
Thank you in advance

You are making one or you want to find teacher to teach you to make one? How much you are willing to pay?

Or you want to hire programmer?

Well to be honest I just need one. When it comes to money I don't have any right now, I am quite poor, but I would repay in a different way if that's possible. Moreover I have an algorithm of this game so for a person who knows what he's doing it's a piece of cake ;)

dude be careful, this was really easy to find so no doubt the lecturers at Wolves would be able to find this really easily. ur user name makes it really obvious who u are too

I got this groovy figured out finally ! The thread is solved ;)

hey emilmicho, are you at wolves university, because i am, im also doin the mastermind for groovy, havent got a clue, could you help.

Post your code and maybe he can help to debug it! Do not forget code explain error messages etc details.