just got a question involving the use of MVVM.
I'm using C#, WPF and MVVM
Im using the templates provide in this MVVM article
I have created a new View, that displays a textbox with button
and on a pressing the button get the value from a text and search through the results? I have also created a SearchViewModel that's meant to contain the information,
the model, I am not to worried about the what the search returns i get that part. Im not to sure about how to implement this tho, in the template the create a dynamic panal but i want this SearchView static.
if you want to look at it in the context of example in that template you could see it as adding a new section to the program that searches through the data to return a specific person or something. Could someone give me and idea how to implement that based on that template??
Please that would be of so much help :)

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Or another way to look at my question (soz just thought of it) is how do I link the search command in the SearchViewModel to the bottom, not the wpf command={Binding... part I mean so that I can access it, in otherwords how do I expose the "SearchCommand" command

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