just like a no-purpose hunter, I wandering in Java's world;so honestly speaking,I am just a beginner. now I have a puzzle:
in a Java program ,there are so many class files that I have no idea how to deal with them.
give some advices,thank you!

At first I felt that the Java API (all the class files you're talking about) where a bit of a bother, but really they are great! Because what you want to be able to do, you'll find the steps in the API.

I huge help would be to downlaod the Java Documentation. A good IDE will then be able to search through the Documentation for whatever you need to use.

Eclipse has auto-code completion so once you get used to it, it makes programming for beginners simple, better, faster (like Standard bank) lol Thought I still prefer JCreator (the pro version has code-completion!)

I'm not really sure what kind of advice you're looking for... but hope this helps. Try asking about a specific class. You must remember that some classes are automatically made available to you... like String, Math and Object.

Yeah well happy programming :D

I want to know how to create a text file in java program

:sad: :sad: :sad:

I want to know how to create a text file in java program

mapaputsi, stop trying to hijack the thread. Creating your own thread was sufficient, so just be patient.

there is no need To understand All the classes and Methods of Api to Be a Pro Programmer
Just learn Some Basic Classes like :
Scanner , Util
and then if you need some helps to implemet your own code , search the Keywords in java API
i am sure that best programmers in Java even KNow The LEast classes , they Created their own CLasses

When you gain experience you get a feel for what's available in the standard API and where it will likely be.
Until then, indeed spend a lot of time reading the API docs, just browse them and take a look at everything that's there.
Even after years you'll still sometimes be pleasantly surprised to find something you didn't know was there (and might indeed not have been there in earlier versions).

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