Hi evreybody can anyone help me to solve this problem in introduction of algorithms ( Suppose program A has time complexity θ(f(n)) and program B has time complexity θ(g(n)) where f = o(g). What can you say about the real-world running time of program A versus program B?)

plz im waiting 4 u r answers.

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First of all, do not post homework questions you have not reasonably tried to answer yourself (what is the point of homework if you don't learn anything?). If you are still in need of help, here are some resources your can use.

Tons of resources

Also, this goes for posing questions on any forum... Try to use whole words and proper grammar -- people will be less likely to answer your question if your thread title has five question marks after it.


Yes, do not post your homework here. Also all the algorithm stuff goes to Computer Science forum. We will help you if you get stuck in your homework or need some help. You have to try yourself first.


Just read the definition of Big-Theta and apply from that. That question is basically asking you to know what the definition means.

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