Write a program to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Generate arbitrary number of random integer numbers between [0-100]
  2. Save or load the numbers from/to a text file based on user option
  3. Search the generated list for an arbitrary number entered by a user
  4. Use Linear and Binary search algorithms based on a user option
  5. Computes CPU time used by either search algorithm
  6. Use menu-based interaction with the user


Program Description: Arrays

#include <iostream>
#include <ctime>
#include <cstdlib>
#include <fstream>
#include <string>

using namespace std;

int main()


    int max, random_number, x;
    max= 100;

    for (x=0; x<=1000, x=x+1) {

    srand(time (0));
    random_number = (ran () % max) + 1;

    cout << random_number << endl;


    sytem ("pause")


        string file;
    ifstream fin;
    int SaveNumbers= n1 , n2;



    cout << "enter name of file to connect to: ";
    cin >> file;
    fin.open (file.c str());

    } while(!fin);

    string line = "---------------------------------------n"
    string msg1 = " Please enter two numbers n1 n2"
    string msg2 = " Please select an option from the above menu --> ";

    string menu = " [0,9] Quit n"
                           " [1] Confirm input  n"
                           " [2] Add            n"
                           " [3] Subtract       n"
                           " [4] Multiply       n"
                           " [5] Divide         n"

    cout << msq1;
    cin >> n1 >> n2;
    count << "nn"
    cout << menu1 << "nn" msg 2;
        cin >> op1;
        cout << line;

    for menu1 switch( op1 )


        Case 0:
    case 9: return 0; break
    case 1: cout << n1 << " " << n2 << endl; break;
    case 2: cout << n1 + n2 << endl; break;
    case 3: cout << n1 - n2 << endl; break;
    case 4: cout << n1 * n2 << endl; break;
    case 5: cout << n1 / n2 << endl; break;
        default: cout << "indvalid option...n" break;

    cout << "nn";
    cout << meanu << "nn" << msg2;
    char op2;
    char op2;
        cout << line;

    for menu2 switch ( op2 )
    case 'x' :
    case 'X' :
    case 'q' :
    case 'Q' : return 0; break;
    case '!' :

    case '?' : cout << n1 << " " << n2 << endl; break;
    case '+' : cout << n1 + n2 << endl; break;
    case '-' : cout << n1 - n2 << endl; break;
    case '*' : cout << n1 * n2 << endl; break;
    case '' :
    case '/' : cout << n1 / n2 << endl; break;
    default: cout "invalid option...n"; break;


   return 0;

    bool SaveNumbers( const char* pszFilename, int* piNumbers, int iSize )

        string file;
    ifstream fin;
    int n1, n2;

    fin >> n1;
    fin >> n2;




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