is it possible to incorporate a class file that is written in applet into a JLabel in application? I know it is possible to put HTML code in a JLabel, so I copied the code from my html file created when I compile and run the applet. I put it in the html code into the applet and it didn't run the applet when I ran my application. is there any way I can complete this?

Thanks for any help.

Sounds complicated link, Why do you need to do this anyway?

Why don't you just make a new application instead?


It's because I can program graphics in applet using the graphics method, but I cannot yet program graphics in application. so I figured why not combine the two. If you can help me with the graphics in application that would be great.


Just extend JPanel, JLabel, or JComponent to override the paintComponent(Graphics g) method and put all of your graphic code from the applet inside that method.

Link, you KNOW I can't work well with java! I'd like to help but I'm not much use here.....



this man too (absolutely nothing don't remember but some basic knowledge about Basis or Pascas..) in moment when he'd start with that, but he really want to ...., nothing else, just want to do it :-), and these JApplet not about the money, fun and enjoy, doesn't enough???