Since some of us might get a bit rusty with our coding, we constantly need projects to keep us busy, no matter how big or small. Making sure you code a little a day it not only fun but also allows your skills to continue growning.

The problem though, is that sometimes you just don't know what to code. You simply just run out of ideas...

So I would like to encourage everyone, to post some ideas and suggestions here of projects to take on, no matter how big or small, whether it's a simple console program that does some math or coding your own browser. Lets get a nice list going here so that when we run out of ideas, we can simply come to daniweb and check out this (hopefully extensive) list...

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These topics seem to popup all the time. I am unsure if they fall under Java or programming in general. This topic should probably be moved to a more general forum or even off topic. Don't get me wrong-- it's a good question but I doubt many people can actually suggest a project that is 'Java only.' Furthermore, everyone can benefit from these topics and not only Java programmers.


One of my favorite programming past times is completing Project Euler problems. I also enjoy designing games and programming games. They are challenging to make and can range in difficulty and use a number of different skills.

yes... two hours after the question was asked ... very helpful.

it won't be, he's just a spammer...

i buy into this idea as well,and yes, i agree with you 007 that it doesn't necessarily means it should be here in java forum alone, cos as much as we need it here some other programmers in other languages needs it as well.
So, Dean Gobler it's indeed a great idea(for someone like me especially)

Yes. There's nothing Java-specific about any of this. The fact is that the programming forums are organised by language, and topics need to be posted where they will be seen.
Maybe people with interests in other languages can ask the mods in the appropriate forums to link to the Java project topic and, likewize, if anyone knows of similar lists in any other forum let me know and I'll link to that in the Java topic.

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