Hi, I just received a project in my class where i have to write my own turtle class in python which I will have to use to draw a Koch snowflake. Currently I have no idea on how to get started on the turtle class? If anyone knows or has any tip please reply! Thanks.

Actually I am new to python so I'm not really sure what you mean???

Well, now I understand koch snowflake, but how would I write the turtle class to draw it because for this project we have to write our own turtle class, this is what I have so far:

class Turtle:
    def __init__(self, location, direction):
        self.location = location
        self.direction = direction * math.pi / 180

    def moveTo(self, somePoint):
        some code..
    def draw(self, length, win):
        some code..
    def turn(self, degrees):
        some code..

I don't understand how to actually draw the line and then rotate it in python????

You need to start out with a GUI toolkit like Tkinter that comes with Python. That will do the actual drawing.

The turtle will point in a certain direction and you have to use trigonometry to calculate the length of the line and its end point (x, y) from the angle the line has to be drawn.

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