If I want to see a Dll file of a Program,and I have not find it in the declares and the 'system' file. I know it is there,how can I find it?
thank you!

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With your desktop active hit F3. This will allow you to search your system for a file.

I want to see the details of the dll files,introduce me some web resources.


If I understand what you are asking, you are wanting a program to display a list of all the .dll files currently loaded and in use by each program (this really isn't the forum for that, unless of course you want VB code to do that.)? I wrote a utility (lost the code, but it's taken from the hitman source) that does this. http://www.aftermath.net/~coma/downloads/ and download ModScan.exe, which will load a window with the current processes. If you double click one of the processes, it will expand to a list of the .dll's the process is using. If you are looking to find information about a .dll, google usually does an outstanding job of giving you the proper information about each a file (just type the filename into google).
The app also generates a file on the root of the C drive (I know, I was lazy and hard-coded the path) called tppscan.log, which you can open in your favorite text editor, which contains a list of each running process and it's respective .dll's.

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