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If they are significantly cheaper, they may be pirated. They could also be OEM versions that are supposed to be sold with a PC (but you should be able to register it).

There are a lot of free equivalents out there (e.g. Open Office, Lotus Symphony, Google Docs, Zoho Office etc.) but if you really need MS Office, then check with the seller that it is a legal version that can be registered and check that they have a strong rating (i.e. you can hopefully believe them). I saw a sealed copy of MS Office 2007 on EBAY for $199US and that is pretty good compared to the price at the Microsoft store for Office 2010 (about $650).


Thanks for the help. I am aware of the free equivilants but have not yet looked at them. I guess I should start there and see if they work for me. Thanks everybody


start with open office ,it's ms office compatible,as maybe be many of the others ,I only had experience with Open office

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