Hello folks,

i'm in urgency to build a windows application using c# which can send sms.
So anyone here can tell me or show me some resources to help me out on this problem -->

"how to create an application that can send sms through webservice to indian cell phone nos. only?"

hope to get some positive replies here...
thanks in advance


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A Windows application using C# is not the same as an ASP.NET Web Service. I'd start by making sure I had the right development environment and understood the basic structure of a web service.

thanks for your reply.......but you have misjudged the thread.

here webservice doesn't refer to any asp.net web service that i'm also going to create apart from my application. here webservice is a free sms sending facility provided by many free webhosting providers that can be used in our application to facilitate smsing.

i have already searched in google in respect of this matter. there i have found some results that a windows application using c# can be build up offering smsing facility by using any one of the following two techniques :-
1. using a GSM modem that is attached to the system via the com port
2. using any webservice (either free or purchasable)

(of the above two techniques i think using a webservice is preferable and i have also found a site which offers a free webservice but i'm not getting the right approach to implement it.......in this sense i want your help with respect to implementation...)

that's why i have posted here this thread because i'm new to c# and just can't figuring out how to start with this......

hope this will make some sense...

so, any one else can give me some replies here.......


I see, you wish to call a Web Service in your windows application written in C#. What is the web service? Give us the WSDL.

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