i am doing a project on computer programing and i need someone to be working in that field to answer some of my questions.........

Here are the questions:

1. What degree do you need to be able to work in Computer Programing?

2. Is this job hard?

3. Is this job really easy?

4. Do you like this job?

5. What college did you attend?

6. What are the cons/pros in this job?

7. What is the average salary for this job?

8. What do you do in this job?

9. What are the majors that you need for this job?

10. Is this job stressful?

11. What math is require for this job?

12. Is this job risky?

i believe u got wrong place to submit this thread.
this is kinda interview:)

1) desire
2) nothing easy in this world untill u overcome ;
3) goto :2 ;

u really must be joking maan^^


12. Is this job risky?

Not usually.

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