hello all,

i was wondering if there was a way to encrypt me visual basic source code so when people view it in a hex editor ore anything they will not see as much of it as when i dont encrypt it. yet i dunno how to encrypt things in visual basic so if one of you would know and help me i would be very happy

thanks in advance,


sorry i couldnt find anything aon encrypting visual basic source code. can i ask y you wont to do this. cause once the program is turned into an exe you cant see the code anyway. so could you explain in more depth on what exactly you want thanks

i was trying to make a program wich will check my password but then i found that when you hex it the password is just there and i dont know how to go around this so i though you maybe could encrypt the source ore somit to hide it

u could encrypt the password

To encrypt your source code: http://www.aspack.com/asprotect.htm

It is commercial. Perhaps there is a free tool as well.

To encrypt string using VB:
search planetsource
There are many demos, some time ago I found an excellent one, describing several approaches.

Hope it helps.