Hello, can you help me please,why is that if i insert picture on my listview and then if i have many data to display it.my listview will be destroy,it will not display properly the data.can you help me please why is this happen and how to fix this.Thank you in advance and i'm hoping for your positive response.

you need to set VIEW in property pages of ListView to 1-lvwSmallIcon
then just before the loop intializes put this

Put this in the start of your procedure

Dim clmX As ColumnHeader
Dim itmX As ListItem

Dim imgX As ListImage
Set imgX = ImageList1.ListImages.Add(, , LoadPicture(App.Path & "\" & <filename>))

and within the loop add

Set itmX = ...............
itmX.SmallIcon = 1 [this is the line that needs to be added]