Hi All,

I was wondering if any of you would know of how can i change the interface of a java program to a web based interface using html5.

I know i could do this easily using jsp/java.net but my requirement states to change the java desktop program application interface to a web based using java and html5.

Can any of you please let me know if you know how to acheive this. Any Examples or source code would be great.

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Applet only comes to my mind ...

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Applet only comes to my mind ...

Geez.. Don't know if that's possible. Not that I've came accross anyways..
How about creating an applet and displaying it in your HTML5 page with the <applet> tag? Or is that not what they want either?

Damn, peter beat me to it!

hmmm there is one problem, Java directly supported Html upTo version 3.2

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