I am trying to create a module containing many little functions useful for linguistics. So far everything works right, but I have a question: is it a problem if a function within a module calls another function within the same module?

I mean, I have a function that performs a particular process and a second function that produces some kind of out put and then calls the first function to produce something different.

It's something like this:

function A takes a verb in english (to speak, for example) and removes the 'to'.

function B requires parameters for tense and verb, and according to user input it defines the ending to be attached to the verb. So function B receives ('to start', 'past') as parameters. Then it calls function A to remove the 'to' and then attaches the -ed to form 'started'.

It works great, but, is it OK to do have function be call function A (which is in the same module).

I hope it's clear enough

Thanks for your help

Yes, python is extremely permissive. Any function can call any other function in any module, including the module where it is defined.

Sorry for the incredibly late reply. Thanks for the answer.