Hye there
Plz help me to print the Column of ListView as a receipt.I have no idea how to print ,i have to use datareport of VB6. or what? this is an VB6 project.
waiting for reply
zeb noon

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Did you visit the site?
There are code for printing and sample code too.

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is there no any expert to help me. plz help me.

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I have allready ListView ,
I just want Print from Listview control to data report as Bill receipt and then to print.do u have any posibility I have code bellow of the listview.

Private Sub cmdAdd_Click()

'Dim x As Integer
'For x = 1 To MyList.ListItems.Count

MyList.ListItems.Add(1).Text = txtSBCode.Text
MyList.ListItems.Item(1).ListSubItems.Add.Text = txtINameS.Text
MyList.ListItems.Item(1).ListSubItems.Add.Text = txtQunty.Text
MyList.ListItems.Item(1).ListSubItems.Add.Text = txtPrice.Text
MyList.ListItems.Item(1).ListSubItems.Add.Text = (CDbl(txtPrice.Text) * (CDbl(txtQunty.Text)))
'Next x
Dim temp As Integer

temp = 0
For k = 1 To MyList.ListItems.Count
    'temp = temp + Val(ListView1.ListItems.Item(i).Text) ' First Column
    temp = temp + Val(MyList.ListItems(k).SubItems(3)) ' Second Column
    'temp = temp + Val(ListView1.ListItems(i).SubItems(2)) ' Third Column
Next k
txtTAm.Text = temp

End Sub

Did you visit the site?
There are code for printing and sample code too.

yes !
i saw, But I want a code where i print List Items as a bill receipt.
plz help me.

simply hide all controls you do not wish to print and then give the command Me.printform and after that command unhide all the controls...

Be sure to set background color to white for the listview control otherwise you will get shaded listview print.

Hope this helps.

the items of listview are not print with this method.

then perhaps you need a rich text box...i use labels to print reciepts

where do i find the railway reservation and cancellation project in vb and ms data access

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