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Get an editor or IDE, design the program and type in the code, compile and execute it.
Debug, make changes, compile and execute.
Continue until you have what you want.


I am working on eclipse i just need to figure out a way to connect the tiles of the game , and how can the player update his path . till now i am having 4 classes : Player , Tile , Board, Opening


how can the player update his path

Sorry, without some code to look at, very hard to make any recommendations.
Sounds like a GUI thing. Does the player use a mouse or keyboard?


@ dante5458, we not sent code, google can help you , there are tons of free code, just want to ...


HI , please dante5458 can you send me the game code you implemented cause i am in a project in engineering college and my task is to implement this game and i cant do it . can u sent it to me please ... i will appreciate it

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No. No one will do your project for you.
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