Just want to know the latest visual studio available right now.

I'm currently using visual studio version 6.0.

What I can see from MS website is version 2005 right now. Does that include the .NET thing?

Cause I'm kinda curious what this .NET thing is all about..and recently there are lots of job requirements that needs .NET. Guess I have to learn this feature as well. :-|

It seems that jobs in my country nowadays need the knowledge of C++/C#, VB.NET, and Java. Just mastering C++ alone took me quite a lot of time, and all I can do is console programs. What I can see in job requirements these days is I need to know quite a lot of stuff, usually the 3 languages above and some database (oracle, sql) and some knowledge on networking or programming for mobile devices. Any advice out there on at what levels do I actually need to attain, just to get a programming job as a freshie? Just graduated with a diploma and currently seeking a entry level job. :cry:

Hope you guyz can gimme some light on this situation. :o

Thanks in advance.

Stop shouting.

v.2005 is out or should be out shortly. .NET has been a core part of MSVS for 4 years now, you're way way outdated.

you need to keep up with lastest compiler technologies -- if you don't you will find yourself quickly obsolete.

Is there a difference between Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio .NET? I've surfed the MS website and I can't find any VS.NET, it just kept showing VS 2005. Or is VS2005 = VS.NET?

Oh...found the VS 2003.NET....

Which one is the latest actually? Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio .NET 2003?

Oh...found the VS 2003.NET....

Which one is the latest actually? Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio .NET 2003?

You REALLY REALLY need to start reading www.microsoft.com site -- they constantly give you the latest scoop on all their compilers. Now let me see -- which is more recent compiler, 2003 or 2005? If you can't figure that one out then maybe you shouldn't be using any of them :rolleyes:

And yes, Visual Studio 2005 is for .NET.

k....just found out that the 2005 is the latest. The .NET thing in the title confused me, cause in 2005 they don't put .NET, title wise.

Got a bunch of books stating .NET, so was confused quite a bit with Visual Studio 2005. All the things I've learned is VS6 in 2004 and it all outdates so quickly. Guess I graduate at the wrong time.

In addition to that, all the stores in my place sells only VS 2005, so I was wondering if it is the latest. What to do right?....I'm in a country where piracy rules....and no one's gonna buy ori for >RM10,000.00 as opposed to RM15.00 :rolleyes:...so you'll end up with a bunch of stuff and not knowing what goes where etc, etc and the lecturers in college can't help, cause they are outdated themselves.

Guess this place helps a lot, minus the sarcasm :rolleyes: on certain occasions.

Now let me see -- which is more recent compiler, 2003 or 2005?

Now let me see -- which came first? World War 1 or World War 2? :cheesy: ehehehe.

Well if you think you have mastered C++ I dont think it is difficult to migrate to a different language. After all the concepts are in place and you only have to learn a different syntax of doing things.
And just in case you didnt know, the Visual Studio 2005 is available for C#/C++, Java, VB for free download at the microsoft website. There are a lot of material in the web, so start having a look at all the languages.
And in any case, continue on your GUI programming too. Do that in C++ as there are a lot of new concepts to that as well. Later try doing that in the other languages.

VC++ 6.0 is SO old that it shouldn't even be taught in school anymore. There are much better compilers for learning the C and C++ languages, such as Dev-C++.

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