wat's guys?
i have a java program and i want to connect it with mysql,how can i get my prob solved?or if i can view any source code that can help me.

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you could also look on the right to your initial post, and you will see 'similar threads.' I know there have been many posts recently on this subject.


you have to first of all download Mysql-JDBC connector from Mysql website or search it tru Google,it is a jar file,save it in your system,then right click on my computer choose properties,then clik advanced,environmental variables and click on classfile and click edit,then add the url of the folder or directory where u saved you mysql-connector.jar(downloaded Mysql-jdbc connector)and test it with your java code thats all......
Remember there some codes you have to write inorder to load the Mysql class,driver connector,statement,result set.....i advice you check up any ebook on this.

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