This is one idea for thread of some lessons learned with experience about asking wrong question and answers 'thinking out of box'. If there is need to have sticky, I suggest that this thread become sticky development thread and moderator can move the upvoted suggestions for next part in new sticky thread established.

Please express if you think there is need or not.

Here is one first sample of questions I consider to make suggestion more concrete.

PYTHON Frequently misasked questions


Wrong question 1)
I need linked list, how should I make one?

Correct question 1)
I need to make list which changes a lot, which data structure should I use?

Correct answer 1)
There is super fine and fast implementation of alternative list structure originally offered as replacement of current one. However the performance charasterics change was considered undesirable and so you must download it as separate module blist. In addition to blist type it offers also other data structures:

  • sortedlist
  • sortedset
  • weaksortedlist
  • weaksorteset
  • sorteddict
  • btuple

It is in pypi and you can download and install it with easy_install blist from setuptools
or pip install blist if you have installed pip advanced installation tool.

Looks like there is no interest, so I close the thread as solved.

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